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jesus christ i'm horrible ahhhhh

2013-12-01 00:30:42 by ToxInjection

I'm feeling really down because I can't seem to make any headway with any track I try to work on, and I can't bring myself to force the issue and release something that isn't something I'm 100% alright with.

I'm not going to stop trying, but damn, am I not in a good mindset. I guess every sort of artists goes through this, and not just people making music. Artists probably do the same thing too, and film makers and photographers as well.

I thought I'd gotten out of this funk too. Gotta keep trying, I suppose.


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2013-12-01 10:42:02

I've just came out of months of barely finishing any tracks off. All I can really recommend in the end is not to force yourself, just load up your favorite softsynth and experiment untill you can think of something to slap down.

Usually works. Or go on a Youtube listening spree and recreate something similar :)


2013-12-01 14:48:46

Gotta keep trying!


2013-12-09 18:05:40

Ah man we aaaall know what that's like haha.

I recently just got back from a 3-week hiatus, so I was pretty damn rusty. The positive to that was that I was making a song before it, so when I came back my head was a lot fresher; ended up making something really nice.

TL;DR, take a break, work on a different track or start a whole new one. There's always the possibility of finding something new that you like to add and modify ^_^


2014-09-08 03:16:34

Dudeee. It's time for that collab you've promised me.