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Laptop broke D:

2013-03-10 00:20:16 by ToxInjection

So my laptop, which holds my DAW, all of my samples/sample packs, and plugins is more or less dead. That being that my battery for it got fried a long time ago, and it was relying on the adapter like life support, and now with the adapter broken, my laptop is now out of commission until I get a new battery/adapter.

My desktop still has FL Studios on it, just in case of situations like this, but I've forgotten to carry over all of my more recent sample packs, which is a good amount of them. I'm also missing a portion of my project files now too. Essentially, I'm pretty crippled.

I'll still try and get stuff out using my desktop for the time being, but man, it's just not going to be as good as from my laptop.

This also means I won't be able to post my aleatoric piece, which sucks, because I had it finished for a while now D:


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2013-03-10 08:54:13

My condolences :(