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Ugh, I feel awful about this.

2013-02-20 19:27:02 by ToxInjection

I always upload a track, and then seem to disappear for about a month or more. I know I should be coming out with stuff more often, but I procrastinate, do pointless crap, and stress about life. It's not fun. ANYWAYS,

A new track WILL be coming out in time, but it won't be like anything else I've uploaded. I've got a new assignment for my MIDI course at school, and we're tackling aleatoric music. I never even knew that was a thing until a few days ago. That stuff is definitely something new, and out of my comfort zone.

I've started this aleatoric track, and will upload it here and to Soundcloud once it's finished and I hand it in to my teacher. I've gotta say, it's a little daunting to work on a track where there are literally little to no guidelines in terms of production. All I know is that you shouldn't use any sort of traditional chord progressions or melodies or just anything you'd consider somewhat STANDARD in music. I feel a bit lost, making a track this way, but I'm definitely having fun with it, and hopefully, it doesn't turn out too crappy!

Oh, and I get to write a graphic score for my piece too. Guys, graphic scores can look insane. That shit's right on the border to abstract art, I swear.


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