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Musician's block can suck ):

2012-12-03 17:42:54 by ToxInjection

I had a nice idea going around my head for the drop for my next dubstep track, but now it's worn off. It doesn't interest me anymore. I'm looking through what else I could use, but nothing is really popping out to me, and no new ideas are coming. No matter what I try, things end up sounding kind of empty anyway, and finding synths to fill that silence is also being a real pain in the ass.

Agh, this sucks.


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2012-12-03 18:29:09

so can artists block, which is what i'm having alot of now lately...

ToxInjection responds:

We'll both be able to get over this!...soon...I hope...maybe D:


2012-12-03 19:22:03

I come up with new ideas for songs all the time every day. I end up tossing them to the wind because I always forget them. It makes me kind of sad, actually. All of those ideas could have been. But one they aren't. Oh well...

ToxInjection responds:

I know the feeling. It happened today during school! I had an idea for a nice mafioso sort of intro for a song, and lo and behold, forgot it in a few hours. It sounded real nice in my head too ):